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Travel and Car Hire in Sierra Leone

Most people do not know about Sierra Leone’s vibrant tourism sector. They view this country as a war torn country with a lot of insecurity. There was a time this was completely true, but things have changed and this country is headed towards a different direction. The civil war in Sierra Leone was as a result of dictatorship rule and misuse of the country’s wealth. This civil war brought this country to its knees and both the country and population are still recovering from the civil war that rocked this region. What went down in this country was unfortunate and tarnished its reputation.

Did you know this about Sierra Leone?

Most people would find it quite difficult to ignore what happened in Sierra Leone and name it as their number one option for a vacation. However, the fact that this country is not at the top of the list of vacation lists does not mean that it is not a place worth visiting and touring. The country’s history is a story of freedom and liberation. In the 1400’s the Portuguese built a fort on this once fertile land that was inhabited by several different tribes. The fort was a trading post for slaves, ivory and gold. Later on when it became a British protectorate, it became home to over 40,000 freed slaves and this is also where the country’s capital city, Freetown got its name.

Independence of Sierra Leone

In the year 1961 it gained its independence from the British and for the next thirty years the nation governed itself peacefully. What followed was a decade of civil war that left this rich country in terms of resources named one of the poorest nations in the world. The violence was officially over in 2002 and since then the country has been trying to regain its stature.

What does this country has to offer?

If you happen to go the Golden Peninsula in Sierra Leone then you will have discovered one of the world’s best kept secrets. This area is being promoted by the government in an attempt to increase tourist revenue. Despite the fact that the war affected most of the forests and wildlife, the country has been on the front line in promoting eco-tourism and is protecting its natural treasures such as the Outamba-Kilimi National park which is home to a variety of game animals including pigmy hippos, elephants and chimpanzees. This country is also home to the highest point in West Africa; Mount Bintimani also hosts several wild animals. There are also several wildlife sanctuaries throughout the country that were all built to protect the remaining wildlife population. You can comfortably tour these areas using car rental services.

Get around Sierra Leone by Public transport or by Car hire

Freetown is Sierra Leones’most developed city and the security in this town is so high even some western cities cannot match it up. The Number of hotels and restaurants is rapidly growing so is the number of tourists coming into the country. Another service that is available to you is car hire; this provides the perfect way to move around the country. Even when you are operating on a budget, you still can get cheap car hire companies. With all this developments, Sierra Leone has become a valid tourist destination worth your consideration.

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